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Salesforce to SuiteCRM Migration

Data Migration With Ease & Expertise

SuiteCRM has become one of the most successful open source CRM software in the market. Many companies are trying to migrate from the other CRMs to SuiteCRM. Transferring the data from one CRM to another is not an easy task to handle. However, at CRM Experts NY, we try and make the process as easy as possible for our customers. The method of data migration may differ from CRM to CRM.

Questions you must ask before initiating Salesforce.com to SuiteCRM Migration

Advent of SuiteCRM in the market and subsequently it getting adopted by larger enterprises across the globe had further ramifications for CTOs.

The question to ponder was whether you should move from Salesforce.com to SuiteCRM and whether it meant functionality loss versus what is present in Salesforce.com.

Step 1 | Should you think of migrating?

SuiteCRM offers multiple advantages with primary being flexibility. It definitely makes sense to consider migrating from Salesforce.com to SuiteCRM. It offers tremendous cost savings, similar functionality and a thriving ecosystem of developers and partner. Many SuiteCRM Plugins are available in the various CRM marketplaces and can make your life easier.

However we strongly suggest considering the following finer points before you take the exercise further.

  • What are the major pain points my CRM users have with Salesforce.com?
  • What are the key features which they like?
  • How customized is my Salesforce.com instance?
  • When is the next Salesforce.com license renewal due?
  • What is my total Salesforce.com User base?
  • How many other systems does my Salesforce.com connect to?

The below sections would further explain why these data points are required.

Step 2 | Calculate the implementation Cost

A highly customized or integrated Salesforce.com instance means that you would have to proportionate effort in customizing or integrating SuiteCRM as well. This further means that you will have higher implementation cost. Relax, SuiteCRM consultants would not charge you as much as their Salesforce.com counterparts would. However recall how much you spent on Salesforce.com implementation (leaving aside license costs).

Roughly 60% of this amount is what you would spend in SuiteCRM implementation. Thus if the expenses were $10,000 then SuiteCRM implementation would approximately cost you $6,000.

Step 3 | Add Effort for Improvement Points

If your CRM users feel that they are not happy due to certain feature not being available, you can plan to resolve the same when you are implementing SuiteCRM to drive user adoption. Also ensure that the features which they want are also already available.

Step 4 | Calculate savings and Returns on Investment period

Salesforce.com per user per month license fees vary based on various add ons you have enable, SugarCRM comes at more or less transparent and rigid pricing structure. We find that usually SugarCRM professional edition suffices for most of the organizations.

Thus savings are calculated based on what you spend using Salesforce.com Versus SugarCRM.
If you are having a user based on 20 users, and Salesforce.com licenses are costing $ 125 a month per user then you are shelling out $ 2,500 per month as of now. The scenario would be for SugarCRM you would be paying USD (36 X 20) that is $ 720 a month. In this case you can see that your entire returns are realized within 10 months of implementation and hence it makes a strong business case for migration.

The numbers change based on underlying parameter values and you can judge how it works out in your individual case.

Step 5 | Plan your timing

If you find that it makes sense for you to migrate to SuiteCRM, you should plan your move a bit early. This is because by the time your Salesforce.com licenses are due to renewal, you should not only have your SuiteCRM ready but you should have already used it for a while to ensure a smooth transition.  Please alot at least 3 months for migration, testing & possible additional customization.  Not only will this give you some extra time but will also ensure that all your data is smoothly transitioned and there are no risks associated with migration.


Migration to SuiteCRM should be evaluated and if it makes a strong business case for you (for example you have a large user base) then you should plan optimally to ensure the success of your CRM migration mitigating potential risks and ensure completeness of migration.

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