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15 12, 2019

Client Edition Episode

In this episode of The Enterprise Tech Podcast, industry thought leader John Perez discusses why clients should consider upgrading SuiteCRM in 2019 if they have an older version. Check out this episode!

15 12, 2019

Episode 2

In this episode of The Enterprise Tech Podcast, industry thought leader John Perez discusses why Open Source is Taking over the Enterprise Software market, and why every business should consider an Open Source Software Strategy Check out this episode!

15 12, 2019

What the heck is CRM? And why is it important?

Industry veteran John M Perez discusses the importance of CRM to your business, what are the use cases for your business, and why your business will not grow without it. Check out this episode!

14 11, 2017

Coming Soon: SuiteCRM and Twilio SMS Ninja!

What is Twilio? Twilio is a cloud communication platform that is used to make and revive text messages and phone calls through the use of Twilio's API. This allows you to create messages, route customers, and keep customers in the loop of what is going on in your business. Why Connect CRM with Twilio?  Connecting CRM with Twilio brings many benefits to your business. Combining Twilio and Suite CRM improves engagement, coordination, and your customer satisfaction. With Twilio, you can engage your contacts in CRM and store the history of those text messages or calls in CRM. In [...]

24 10, 2017

What CRM development can do for my business?

Do you want to accomplish something in CRM but realized that it falls outside of its basic functionality? In general, all CRM systems have the same basic functions. Most CRM systems will usually have Accounts, Cases, Projects, Contacts, etc. However, some may do certain things better than others or they just simply may be called something different across brands. This leads to the question many Executives or managers may ask, "What can CRM development do for my business?". The simple answer to this question is "A lot!". Benefits of CRM Development: CRM development can help you customize your [...]

16 10, 2017

Find out how Gantt Chart Ninja works with Timesheet Ninja!

Are you using Timesheet Ninja to track the amount of time your employees are spending on Projects and Project Tasks? Timesheet Ninja and Timesheet Ninja Enterprise are productivity tools that give users the ability to log time against all modules in CRM. This includes logging time against Projects and Project Tasks, which for project managers is an essential part of their role because in order to complete a project, project managers need to come up with a project plan to kick off their projects. This is where Gantt Chart Ninja comes in because Gantt Chart Ninja is essential [...]